Teeing it up at the Taj Mahal

Even though we have been so busy and had lots of early starts most of the group had the energy to squeeze 9 holes of golf in at Agra Golf Club in the backyard of the Taj Mahal.

I gave the group a choice between going to the fort, chilling out or playing 9 holes of golf at Agra Golf Course.

4 went to the fort with Deep our guide, 2 chilled out and the rst of us went to play golf. The course was ropey and we had to get special permission to wear trainers as most of us had no golf shoes and we had to hire very old golf clubs with some of us sharing as there weren’t enough sets of clubs to go around. The caddies were happy to get some extra work and we all had fun.

Teeing it up at Taj Mahal

Golf Indian Style

Girls and Caddies

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