Biking in Vienna

Vienna is a really classy elegant city and often gets overlooked. The art, palaces, culture and architecture make it worth a visit. The coffee houses are second to none and the cakes and pastries should be tasted.

I arrived here yesterday with a group of American students. We should be doing a full day trip to Bratislava today but I persuaded them to go to Bratislava en route to Prague tomorrow and we now have a free day here in beautiful Vienna.

Well, I gave the group lots of free time suggestions but they asked me what I am doing today and I told them I would be hiring a bike and cycling to the river Danube, as Vienna really caters for the cyclist with great cycle paths and even special trafic lights for the cyclists. And guess what – now they all wanted to come with me.

15 of my group cycled to the Danube Island with me and we stopped there for a drink. They all started complaining that they were tired (some people have no stamina). I tried to take a short cut back to the city but we kind of got lost and ended up cycling along a tram track instead of the cycle path. Luckily no tram came otherwise it may have meant a lot of litigation for me.

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