What a Tour

The tour is almost over and I have missed a few days blogging due to lack of time and lack of WIFI. I will update this blog and put in the best photos so   please do look at it in a couple of days to see what this special group got up to in India. Here are a few photos and snippets to keep you going.

Our first train journey.

Golf in India

Next train

Holy Orcha

Holy man

Temples of khaharoho

Khaharoho Temples


Saris in Varanasi

Ganges at sunrise


Rickshaw ride through Varanasi

Going the Extra Mile

Evening prayer on the Holy River Ganges.

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One Response to What a Tour

  1. Michelle + Martine and families says:

    Wonderful photos Anita, I especially like the one of Dad talking to the cow!

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